Should Children Wear Teeth Pain Relief Necklaces?

Pain and discomfort when teething often makes children fussier. Some mothers use special necklaces to relieve pain so their children are not fussy. Is it true that the necklace is effective in reducing pain due to teething?

“There is no effect,” said the pediatrician and child development consultant from Hermina Kemayoran Hospital and the RHE Therapy Clinic Dr. Trully Kusumawardhani SpA in the Forum health discussion in Jakarta.

The process of teething is different for each child. Some children can experience the process of teething faster than children in general. Conversely, there are also children who experience the process of teething more slowly than other children.

However, generally, the process of teething occurs when the child enters the age of six months. The first tooth that grows in children is incisors.

“That’s what a dentist’s friend said,” continued Truly.

Truly said, teething involves the process of tearing the gums. Teeth that grow early, such as the age of six or seven months, the child’s gums are still soft so the eruption process is not too difficult.

However, gum conditions will be more difficult over time. Truly said the gums become harder when the child enters the age of eight or nine months. At this stage, the process of tooth eruption will become more difficult and feels uncomfortable, for that it is advisable to buy Teething necklace so that your child does not get sick while experiencing teething.

This condition makes children usually become fussier. Sometimes, the child’s body temperature also feels slightly increased due to the inflammatory process that occurs due to gum removal.

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