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Why You Should Carry a Customized Medical ID


Having a severe allergy or medical condition can put you in harm’s way with symptoms that leave you unable to respond to paramedics or good samaritans that stop to help. Choosing to wear an engraved medical ID provides a way to enjoy more freedom and mobility with less fear.


Chronic and Life-Threatening Medical Conditions


Quite a few allergies and medical conditions can cause a sudden onset of symptoms that make it impossible to give critical information when you need immediate help. Carrying information in your wallet or Purse can prove dangerous if the paper gets wet and unreadable. Many people do not think to look for information that is written down. There is a better way to keep this information handy in a durable medium.



Provide Needed Information If You End Up Unconscious or Unable to Communicate


Severe allergies to some foods can lead to anaphylactic shock, which is an emergency situation that needs handling right away or you could end up in a life or death struggle. Seizure disorders, heart conditions, diabetes, and more can leave you in a state of unconsciousness, or at least with limited ability to communicate. A medical ID is the best way to have the information available for those trying to help you.



Variety of ID Plate Options


You can have all of your information placed on a bracelet, dog tags, wallet card, or pendant. All are engraved with the information so that it is always easy to read.



Include the Information You Specify

All medical ID plates made by expert companies like Universal Medical Data are fully customizable. You can include the information you want that lets anyone know in a hurry that you have a medical condition that can become serious, quickly. You can utilize up to 18 lines of characters on some mediums.



Engraved Medical ID’s Last


One terrific benefit of an engraved medical ID is the lasting ability. It is made of durable metal that has all of the information clearly visible on a surface that will last.

Using an engraved medical ID is one way to bring peace of mind to you and your loved ones when you have to venture out alone. You have all of the critical medical information available in case an emergency happens.