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Yoga and Its Health Benefits Almost 5000 years ago, the art or science of Yoga has originated. This word originally means a union of the human consciousness with the divine consciousness. Many think of yoga as merely a physical exercise, but this is a superficial aspect of this science of unfolding the potentials of the human mind and soul. Health is said to be not merely an absence of disease, but a dynamic expression of life, in terms of how joyful, loving, and enthusiastic you are. Physical, mental, and social well-being is what is embodied in a healthy existence. And with the practice of Yoga, it helps you achieve complete fitness. Cortisol is a hormone which the body produces when it is stressed. Cortisol produced in excess in your body results in the suppression of thyroid functions, increase in blood pressure, and decrease in muscle tissues. Practicing Yoga can greatly reduce this hormone. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system is possible with Yoga as proven medically. Stress that has accumulated during the day at work or home should be taken out of our bodies as soon as possible.
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There are always tricks that our mind plays on us. You might be wondering what your future will be or else getting caught up in the events of the past. The now is the most important time of our lives and we should not be dwelling too much on what has not yet happened or the things that have already happened a long time ago. Your mind is kept in the present with the practice of yoga, and it helps clear it of negative thoughts. It helps you to remember that now is the most important time and the best place for your mind to be.
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If you mind is tense, you cannot deal with sensitive matters that deal with emotions. Yoga helps keep your mind happy and peaceful. Sensitive issues involving emotions should be dealt with a happy and peaceful mind and not a stressed mind. It is normal to feel tired at work or home in the middle of the day. If you do yoga for a few minutes, it can fill you up with energy and help you live out the day at your best efficiency. Those who are still starting Yoga can hardly touch their toes, but going further into sessions you will realize that you can achieve the posture that you couldn’t have when you were starting. If you had back pains at the start of doing yoga, you will not feel this anymore, several sessions later. This is what Yoga does. It gives your body a better shape and makes it more flexible and building your muscle strength. When you are doing Yoga, it brings you to a place of stillness and peace. In the environment, you can have a lot of time to think. Creative and active persons excel at their work in this environment.