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How to Use Various Hoses

Hoses are used in all kinds of industries as well as residential purposes. One of the primary uses of hose is for transferring different liquid or gas from one place to another. Although hoses have their own unique design where some rubbers are more ridged compared to others, they are all made to be flexible. So what are the types of hoses you can buy and use?

Universal Hose

Universal hose are among the mostly purchased and used hoses around the planet with so many being sold in the market. People connect different things at the end of the hose but most of them use sprinklers, spigot or sprayer to connect to the traditional hose. You can store this universal hose by rolling or bending the hose. The hose then straightens out when used as the liquid or gas flow through the hose.
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There are many universal hoses available in the market from the supermarket to the local hardware store. It is possible to get the length you need for any design of the garden hose.
The Key Elements of Great Hoses

Soaker Hose

Compared to the garden hose, soaker hose reduce the outflow of water into a seeping process. This is commonly use in the garden which is designed to minimize water waste. Most of the time, it is places on the ground or even under a mulch to minimize water evaporation during irrigation.

Air Tubes

Air hose is used for gas and applicable to different fields. The application of air hose is apparent to different industries from the power tools to oxygen supply in underwater diving. It is connected to a demand valve where low-pressure air is used for inflating different items. If you are using 4400 psi gas, air hose is still capable of handling it. A lot of times, the one end is usually connected to a pressure gauge.

Brake Systems

Brake fluid is delivered to the braking system using a hose. Some braking systems are using other types of hose on different application. Air tubing is used for railroad cars and tractors. There are also railways which use vacuum brake lines.

Air Duct System

Air ducts are commonly found in large buildings. Air duct tube is responsible for circulating air in ideal temperature inside the facility.

Food Grade Hose

Every facility in the food industry from cafeterias to hotel restaurants is required to install food grade hose all the time for different business operation. This is especially true for the water, soda and other liquids used in the food industry.

The hoses in the market have different designs and uses. You need to make sure that you get the right type of hose for your needs. The size and length is also critical in buying the best hose available. Inquire about the price before buying it or you might be surprise with what you will spend.