What it Means to Have a Cutting-Edge Executive Health Program?

You probably know by now that your organization can benefit greatly by having an impressive executive health program. What you may not know is that it can help your company by fueling productivity, improving employee engagement, and reducing risks of accidents and injuries. It doesn’t matter how large, or small, your organization happens to be, Medcan offers executive health solutions that will help your employees, and your business achieve bigger and better things.

What Services do the Best Executive Health Programs Offer?

The best programs for executive health have a few common characteristics. One of the most important of those characteristics is that it involves the “whole health” of your employees rather than simply safeguarding their physical health. This means that it products mental health, physical health, and even seeks to help your employees meet their personal goals for fitness, weight loss, nutrition, vitality, and more.

At Medcan, we begin with a comprehensive annual health assessment. This is the starting point for executive wellness and will provide a litmus test, year after year, by which your employees and their physicians can determine how effective their current level of treatment has been, any changes that need to be made in treatment plans, and provide vital early detection signs if there are health problems looming. More importantly, it provides an opportunity for physicians and your employees to come up with individualized plans to help identify and achieve personal health and wellness goals. It’s a far more personalized experience than is available with generic health plans on the market today.

Another aspect of Medcan’s executive health solutions that is truly critical is the access to year-round care by physicians and specialists who work together to create individualized plans according to each patient’s unique needs and personal goals. It is something unheard of in many healthcare systems and something that truly sets Medcan apart. This includes live well assessments, live well programs, and year-round care – including video appointments and consultations when necessary to make seeking out medical care a truly convenient experience for today’s busy executives.

A world class executive health program, like the one Medcan offers, also includes things like genetic testing for personal genetic risks, specialized genetic testing, pharmacogenomics, and pre-pregnancy as well as prenatal genetic testing too. There are also various health seminars that address specific healthcare concerns, such as sleep, fitness, nutrition, etc. and a complete family health package so that your executives can sleep easy knowing their loved ones have the same outstanding healthcare protection and coverage they have access too.

A solid executive wellness program is a substantial investment in the health and wellness of the people who make your organization the thriving, successful body it has become. Finding the right executive health program to safeguard these important people for your business is an investment in your business that will provide outstanding returns year after year. Because Medcan offers individualized healthcare solutions for each patient, you are offering your employees a health plan designed just for them when you choose Medcan.


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