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How to Use Smartphone for Sperm Count Tests Assessing the infertility of a man, sperm count test or semen analysis is the best thing to do, it will be very accurate. You will start by collecting the semen and put it in a container. Next thing to do is pass on to an expert that deals with reproductive systems and he or she will be analyzing it and give a diagnosis after. You will have to do the sperm count test on a fresh batch of sperm because if the semen is anything older than half an hour, it will not be good for the test. And when the semen is already obtained. It will be placed in a container that is made for that kind of specimen and then it will be examined by an expert right after. And they will also advise you to give a couple of samples to be tested because sperm in the semen will have various types so this will make the test more accurate. But when you will be handling sperm for sperm count test, there will be two things you need to make sure to do. You have to make sure that you handle it with greatest care and concentration. There will be factors that you need to watch out for when in the process of the sperm count test. During the process of the sperm count test, there will be other factors that experts will be examining that will be important. They will also check the sperms size, shape and the way it moves. The color, the density and volume will all be checked by these experts, it is important because they need to be thorough with the test. The best results will be that per milliliter, 20 million sperms will be there and per ejaculation, there will be 40 million. And when you get less than 20 million per milliliter, that will already be considered to be low sperm count. There are instances that the results will be that there are abnormalities in your sperm count result. When you get those results, the best thing to do is to know what caused those things to happen. The best thing today is that thanks to the advancement of technology, you can now double check the results that you got from the sperm count test. There is an app that people created to help people do the sperm count test on your smartphone and it is really helpful. It gives you a lot of benefits, you will be able to check the results and examine it for as long as you can since you will have that in your phone and that will be a huge advantage for you, right?Doing Apps The Right Way

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