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Salesforce Excel Integration: Why it’s Important Today

Why does your business need to start using a Salesforce connector for Excel? When a business streamlines its processes, it attains improvements in efficiency and productivity, which help enhance growth and success. Yet, in many instances, companies face the issue of using disparate software solutions, causing ineffectiveness of data and operations. A fine case in point of such a situation is where a company continues to utilize Ms Excel despite having had in place a fully-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) tool, for example Salesforce. Current system users may enjoy proficiency using Excel, but it’s in the best interest of the organization they work for to make the most of their newly acquired cloud-based CRM. Of course, both Salesforce and Excel have advantages and disadvantages, implying that, although overlaps in features may exist, integration may be required to take advantage of the best in both applications. That’s where Salesforce Excel integration comes in.

Some extremely complex business computations are executed using Excel, from financial predictions and analyzing of trends to pricelists as well as budget allotment. Today, the solution is the most widely recognized standard spreadsheet program around the world. Yet, Excel does not have adequate collaboration capabilities for other applications.

Concerning Salesforce, the CRM comes with so many types of strengths, for example improvement of customer service, superior analytics, reporting features, shorter sales cycles, and integrated business processes, and better scalability. However, it’s not unusual for businesses to experience user resistance when implanting their CRM, badly impacting on user adoption, and ultimately, interfering with the success of the implementation.
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A Salesforce Excel connector may be brought in to integrate your CRM system with the spreadsheet program. You do not have to leave any user out of this in your organization as you deploy both Excel and Salesforce to substantially increase productivity and inspire user adoption. System administrators may operate within the Excel interface to keep and transfer data en masse in record time, while enterprise users may have their tasks completed at Excel speed.
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Salesforce Excel integration solution boast prebuilt programs that eliminate the need for businesses to start building from the ground up. These programs are developed to cater to some of the most regular business needs, for example bidirectional data flow. In addition, you’re offered customization options, which make it possible to adjust integration systems to solve particular business cases. You’re also able to engage your customers better with integration of Salesforce with Excel.

Both Excel and Salesforce have proved to be indispensable tools that businesses continue to use today. Yet, Salesforce Excel integration is the only strategy that guarantees optimal benefits from the best the CRM and spreadsheet solutions deliver.