Smart ways to cure smiling depression – Are you someone suffering from this?

Have you seen someone who looks extremely happy from outside but who seems to be depressed deep down inside? Did you ever see one of your friend smiling away to glory in a wedding party but suddenly lock herself inside the bathroom to shed few painful tears? If answered yes, then your friend is suffering from an extremely painful type of depression which is called smiling depression.

As per the studies revealed by National Alliance of Mental Illness, smiling depression involves the method of seeming to be apparently happy and smiling away through pain, trying to hide the inner turmoil. It is one of the biggest depressive disorders that can ever happen to someone. You may check out E-counseling’s overview to know more on handling this disease. Here are few smart ways of handling it.

#1: Accept the fact that it exists

This is something that is especially tough for people who suffer from smiling depression. People who suffer from this type of depression often brush off their feelings aside and show that they’re perfectly fine. But the prolonged feelings of loneliness, sadness, hopelessness and anxiety are nothing but signs of emotional despair. Such feelings are part of the usual range of emotion which is there for good reasons.

#2: Speak to someone whom you trust

One more difficulty faced by someone who suffers from smiling depression is that they have got habituated with keeping these feelings to themselves. Such people are always worried about whether or not people might feel overwhelmed about the pain that they feel and not understand how they should tackle it. During such a situation, you may just feel that there’s noone for you. Make sure you share it with someone who is close to you.

#3: Keep nurturing your self-esteem

It is tough when you have to deal with behaviors that are self-defeating. It is normal to find fluctuations in self-esteem but when a person is already having bad feelings; people tend to become critical about their own selves. You should think that your self-esteem is something like an emotional immune system. You should stay away from all sorts of self-harming feelings and try to think highly positive about yourself.

Therefore, if you know someone who is suffering from smiling depression or you are suffering through it yourself, make sure you accept the fact that you have this kind of depression and that you can seek help of a professional to cure the problem.


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