How Pathway Genomic Tests Can Lead to Better Health

In the last few decades cutting-edge medicines and procedures began allowing doctors to cure previously fatal diseases. However, they still unable predict disease or target treatments to patients’ metabolisms. That changed when health care innovators like Pathway Genomic began offering genetic testing. Among other benefits, their products now allow doctors to provide pre-conception genetic counseling. There is also testing to predict the chance of hereditary conditions and screenings that help patients lose weight.

Screenings Can Improve the Chance of a Healthy Baby

Genetic testing now enables parents to find out whether they are carrying genes for conditions that could be passed on to future children. That is a huge step forward, since genetic abnormalities account for 25% of pre and post-natal deaths. Parents can arrange for screenings that target up to 120 genetic diseases. Doctors are able to use the information to help patients make informed decisions before attempting to have children.

Cancer Screenings Guide Patient Decisions

There is hereditary testing that can identify an individual’s chance for getting cancer. For example, a sequencing test finds BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations. Patients with the mutations have greater risks of getting ovarian, breast and various other cancers. Another panel of tests can identify 8 genes that point to high breast cancer risk. Doctors can also order a screening for 13 colo-rectal cancer genes. There are studies that can help members of families understand their risks for a variety of diseases. Test results guide patients and their doctors in scheduling screenings and treatments that can keep them healthy or find diseases in their earliest, most treatable stages.

DNA Weight Tests Help Control Obesity

Researchers have also developed testing designed to help doctors fight the obesity epidemic. Genetic screening provides information about nutrigenics, health conditions and medication responses. Tests can also provide diets that are genetically matched to patients, for the best results.

Science and technology have now combined to provide doctors with genetic screenings that can often stop health problems before or soon after they occur. Genetic tests can predict the chances of children inheriting deadly diseases and adults developing cancer. There also genetic tests that help patients achieve healthy weight loss.