Differences in the effects of smoking marijuana and cigarettes

The debate over the effects of smoking and smoking marijuana (cannabis) remains unresolved today. There are still many parties that prohibit the consumption of marijuana, but there is also a request for plants in the phyla Magnoliophyta is legalized. Before you decide which side to choose, you should consider the impact of differences in both consumption. You can see the detail about danger of marijuana in All Natural Medical Solutions, Inc. 

In a recent study by the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, there is a big difference in the impact of cigarette and marijuana consumption on the lungs. Cigarettes have a negative impact on the lungs, but the occasional use of marijuana can actually increase the rate of air flow and increase lung capacity, for more information you can click here .

Cigarettes can also increase the risk of disease and lung cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure. …