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Here is how Richfeel’s Hair Trasnplant cured my Baldness!

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When I was about 15, I knew I will be bald at an early age. It actually runs in my family. Unfortunately, all men on both paternal and maternal side are bald. I have always loved my hair and made sure to take extra care. However, as the time passed by, the curse of hereditary baldness started to take hold of me as well. By the age of 25, I was showing signs of early baldness and by the age of 32 (Yes! Only 32) most of the hair were gone and I had to keep my head shaved for that ‘even’ look.

I always thought if I really had to live with this baldness my whole life. I have tried a lot of home remedies during the start of the baldness but it all just failed as you cannot fight with the genetics. Anyway, a few months back I …